Best Karaoke Songs for Groups

Belting it out on stage is always more fun when you can grab a few friends to join in! Not only can they help you hit those high notes, but you’ll also be able to dance along and feed off of each other’s energy. 

There are plenty of classic karaoke songs that would technically work for groups, but not all of them are the best choice. When picking the best karaoke songs for groups, keep these tips in mind.

Stick With Shorter Songs

Songs that are too long will end up flopping because there is just too much time on stage. A song that goes past the 5-minute park will lose steam quickly and feel like a dud. The best group karaoke songs are between 3-4 minutes, so try to stick within that time frame if possible. Try going with One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” which has a great beat and clocks in just past the 3-minute mark. Sticking with shorter songs allows you to get into the music and keep the energy up without it dragging on past the point of no return. 

Sing With the Group

Songs that are initially recorded by a group are an easy choice for group karaoke. Not only will there be different parts to sing, but you can also feed off of the energy of the group song. Consider singing Aespa’s “Life’s Too Short,” which is perfect for a group of 4 singers with all the different solo parts. While you can sing an original solo with a group, choosing a song that has multiple singers and parts to start with would be better.

Set the Pace With Faster Songs

Choosing a faster-paced song will help keep the energy up and get the crowd to interact with the group. While there are some songs with super fast lyric lines, you only want to choose those if people in your group know them well. Any missed beat or word could look silly or even change the entire feel of the song altogether. Add *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” to your playlist this weekend that comes in at a tempo of 173 bpm and is perfect for a night out.

Select Songs Without Solo Breaks

Most songs have some sort of instrumental break or solo spotlight. However, when choosing the best karaoke songs for groups, it is essential to find those that don’t have a super long instrumental solo. These breaks without lyrics can be awkward and put a big damper on the song’s energy. A few measures of instruments are fine, but forgo the ones that have anything longer than 10 seconds of space without vocals.

Skip the Ultra Popular Songs

Songs that have stood the test of time are great, but they can get old really fast. Those easy classics that everyone (and their mom) knows the lyrics to, like “YMCA” or “Sweet Caroline,” may not be the best choice when it comes to finding the best karaoke songs for groups. You want something that is fresh and popular, with enough history to make it fun for the whole group but not enough traction that your grandma could sing it along with you. (No offense, grandma!)

Choose a song that has an upbeat tempo and is well known enough by your group. You can also always slay with a slow ballad with a group karaoke song, but the vocals have to be incredibly on point. 

Picking the best karaoke songs for groups can be tricky, but these tips should help you choose the right one for your group. Remember that the important thing is to pick one you know and have some fun! The RetroRoom Lounge has the perfect laid-back atmosphere where you can grab a drink and hang out with friends. Add in some group karaoke to start off the night right! 

Still not sure what song to choose? Check out the RetroRoom Lounge’s song options with the convenient KaraFun app before you get there!

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