5 Reasons to Book a Private Party in Palm Springs

Who doesn’t love a party? Add in the beautiful location of Palm Springs, and you’ve got yourself the perfect excuse to get away from it all this weekend. 

Palm Springs is the best place to escape the city and soak up the serenity and fun nightlife that the low desert has to offer. When the sun gets too hot, head indoors at the RetroRoom Lounge for a night of air-conditioned fun with your very own private party. Need a reason to head to Palm Springs? Check out these 5 excuses to book a private party in Palm Springs this month.


Are you finishing up a long divorce that requires some kind of happiness at the end of the tunnel? Consider throwing yourself a divorce party and inviting all of your friends to celebrate the occasion. Divorce parties are becoming a new trend that is here to stay. Oftentimes, a divorce bash can put some closure on what has been a trying and high-stress period of time. Live it up and celebrate your new single life with a divorce party this year.


Do you own your own business or have a managerial role in your company? Booking a private party in Palm Springs is a great way to get to know your employees away from the office. With the recent hiring boom, many companies have plenty of new hires that they may not know yet. Take this opportunity to invest in your company, and workplace culture, with fun team-building entertainment like karaoke at RetroRoom Lounge. 

Not only can you sponsor the drinks, but you can also show coworkers that you are much more than a title or a big wig behind a desk. Take advantage of the Retro Room’s karaoke stage and be the first to sign up to sing your favorite songs. 

book a private party in palm springs


There is nothing better than leaving all the expectations at home and getting away with your girlfriends for a few days. Kick back and relax the night away with a private party in Palm Springs this month! Enjoy some retro cocktails and let loose without little ones tugging at your legs. Gather some mom-friends and have a bonding weekend enjoying pool time followed by your own private party at RetroRoom Lounge.


Whether it is a family member, close friend, or even a friend-of-a-friend, booking a private party in Palm Springs is a great way to celebrate a birthday! Not only can you spoil that special someone, but you can also have a blast getting away from the city and letting loose for a night (or two!).


Palm Springs is the prime spot to party before the wedding! Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a great excuse to book a private party room at RetroRoom Lounge. Not only will your group have a private area to enjoy those questionable gifts that everyone brought, but you can focus on fun and friends without wandering eyes of strangers. 

There are so many reasons to celebrate life: whether you are getting married, divorced, celebrate a birthday or just need some time with good friends. Planning a private party in Palm Springs is the epitome of self-care, and we could all use more of that! If you want to keep the party on the business side of things, karaoke at RetroRoom Lounge is great for bonding and a fun time together. 

Contact the Retro Room Lounge today for more information about our private parties, complete with the best karaoke around and delicious drinks!

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