Trending Drinks to Order Tonight in Palm Springs

Every bartender and barback can serve you up a long island iced tea or white wine spritzer, but why not mix it up a bit while in Palm Springs? As the world continues to open back up after the pandemic, people are also changing their drink preferences and habits. Every year has a trending spirit or drink that we can’t get enough of, but a few unusual drinks are making their way to the top of the list. Check out these trending drinks to order while enjoying the Palm Springs nightlife.


Say goodbye to cheap alcohol and lousy drinks that we all drank in college. The pandemic has spurred many of us to enjoy life to the fullest now that we can do so without worry. Premium and high-end spirits are top choices for those experiencing Palm Springs nightlife. While the overall cost is higher, we understand the value and quality that only a premium spirit can offer. So, pony up to the bar and order a higher quality spirit that hits the spot tonight.


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Another interesting trend popping up in bars is the number of retro drinks ordered. These blasts from the past include espresso martinis, cosmopolitans, and sidecars that have lived to see another day. Sipping on these drinks that were the foundation of generations before us may have some nostalgic qualities to it as well. Just because they are from the past doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable or surprising to younger taste buds. The Retro Room Lounge is the perfect place to try one of these blasts from the past!


Whether you order it in a margarita or want to sip it straight, tequila is on a streak to become the hottest spirit of the year. Aged agave has taken its seat at the table to compete with brown spirits, and we are here for it. Tequila is leading the growth of spirits, and bartenders should have plenty on hand for your enjoyment at the Retro Room Lounge in Palm Springs.


Consider trying a low or no-alcohol option when you have had one too many but want to stay out to experience the best in Palm Springs Nightlife. Many consumers have embraced the lower alcohol options that still taste good and allow you to stay out longer. Brands have responded with new low and no alcohol options coming to the market in 2022. Ask the bartender for their favorite low or no alcohol option to mix things up.

There are plenty of options to choose from when ordering a drink at one of the best bars in Palm Springs. Instead of sticking with a favorite, why not try something new to see how it compares? Order any one of these trending cocktails tonight at the Retro Room Lounge in downtown while enjoying the Palm Springs nightlife. 

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