Shake Your Tailfeather With These Best Karaoke Dance Songs

Even if you don’t have the best set of pipes, you can still dance the night away while a friend sings karaoke! Visiting Palm Springs is all about letting loose and forgetting about the work week. Why not enjoy a drink and get your groove on at the Retro Room Lounge?

We all know the top karaoke songs that are easy to sing, but which songs are also easy to dance to since no one has probably tried out for AGT lately? While some of the top songs to sing also make our list, you may be surprised at the best karaoke songs to dance to. 

About Damn Time by Lizzo

One of the best things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic (if we can even say that) are the songs artists released with accompanying dance moves. While this isn’t a new idea (think Michael Jackson’s Thriller), it is a fun way to enjoy the songs of today. Lizzo’s About Damn Time is just one of those songs that is a blast to sing and do the simple dance moves as well. 

As It Was by Harry Styles

This is a great song to start off your night because it has an easy beat that even the most uncoordinated of us can dance to. Harry Styles’ As It Was is unique with its slower words but fast undertones. You can sway, hop, jump, or full-out headbang with this easy-going top karaoke song of 2022.

Break My Soul by Beyonce

Queen B’s newest single is an excellent addition to any karaoke dance party at the Retro Room Lounge. Break My Soul has a solid beat and a rap/sing melody that you can shake to all night long. Let the stress and drama of the week melt away when you get on the dance floor with this one!

Fancy Like by Walker Hayes

Another one of the top songs with easy dance moves is the breakout song for Walker Hayes with Fancy Like. While it was a great hit for suburb staple restaurant Applebee’s, Fancy Like came at just the right time for all of us during quarantine. Break out those moves we know you all perfected at home on the dance floor!

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

You don’t have to have any kind of professional dance experience to keep up with the easy-going beat of Uptown Funk. We love the drums and easy sway of this song that is simple yet fun for anyone. Start with a few steps, and then add in some funky arms and swagger for the perfect way to celebrate this hit!

Dancing along with these karaoke songs is a great way to start your weekend in Palm Springs. Whether you have the microphone in hand or just want to support your friend on stage, all of these top karaoke choices are great to dance to as well. Which one will you pick first at the Retro Room Lounge this weekend?

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