Tequila Time: Find Your Favorite Tequila Bar in Palm Springs

Whether you call it TQ, teq, or Mexican water, tequila is a staple behind any bar in Palm Springs. Tequila is a liquor that has a feisty love-hate relationship with those that partake in its unique flavor and style. While some will always want their tequila mixed up into a frozen margarita, there are other ways to enjoy this unique tasting alcohol.Try these most common ways to enjoy tequila during your next trip to Palm Springs.

The Margarita Debate
tequila bar in palm springsEnjoying a margarita poolside is the best way to spend a hot day in Palm Springs. However, there is a debatable difference when choosing how to enjoy this tequila-laced cocktail. A classic margarita is one served ice cold on the rocks that includes a smooth finish while frozen margaritas blend with ice to create a slushy-type consistency.

The experts will tell you that classic margaritas are the way to go if you’re looking for a stronger citrus flavor and your money’s worth of tequila. However, frozen margaritas are often ordered to help cool down after a hot Palm Springs day. Add in an additional flavor, like strawberry or watermelon, for a boosted tastebud punch.

Tequila Cruda
Quite commonly seen on college campuses or some bars in Palm Springs, Tequila Cruda is also known as taking a shot with salt and lime. The way to enjoy this fun drink is the lick-shoot-suck method. This includes licking salt off of your hand, shooting the tequila shot in one gulp and then sucking on a lime wedge to finish it off. Many tequila lovers would choose Tequila Cruda with a less expensive brand and save the good stuff for drinks that can be savored a bit.

Neatly Sipped
As an alcohol only produced in 5 regions of Mexico, tequila purists have their own take on how to enjoy the drink. Mexicans often sip tequila neat like you would whiskey. All they need is a glass and their finest tequila to help them relax after a long day. Consider trying this method to see how different your favorite tequila brand may taste in this pure form.

Tequila Sunrise
While this is technically a cocktail, Tequila Sunrise gets its own space, considering how iconic and popular it is. You could enjoy this cocktail at night, but it is often ordered in the morning at brunch as an alternative to mimosas. A Tequila Sunrise includes tequila, orange juice, and grenadine to create that beautiful red-orange sunrise look.

Choose Your Cocktail
Any hard alcohol as prevalent as tequila will have many different versions available when it comes to cocktails. You can ask your bar in Palm Springs to make one of these saucy named cocktails that are versions of the classics. The Tequini is a martini that switches gin for tequila, the Bloody Maria subs tequila for vodka, and a Tequila Collins includes tequila instead of the usual gin, vodka, or whiskey.

No matter how you usually enjoy tequila, there is always a new drink to explore. Consider switching in tequila in your favorite non-TQ drink to see how it tastes. While some tequila drinks are meant to be enjoyed in certain atmospheres, whether you are taking shots with the girls before Karaoke at the Retro Room Lounge or relaxing in a leather chair after work, there are so many ways to enjoy this unique and flavorful spirit.

Check out all of these drinks and try your own version at Retro Room Lounge in Palm Springs. Enjoy margarita specials every Tequila Tuesday from 4pm-8pm to find how you prefer your TQ.


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